Thursday, July 02, 2009


July 2nd at high Noon. 182.5 days into 2009. 182.5 days left in the year.

What have we at BPM been up to...

* We elected a "minority"as President for the first time in our nation's history.

* Our baby boy turned 1.

* Our economy is as crapped out as it's been since the Great Depression.

* Our big boy got himself potty-trained.

* Mr. and Mrs. Blonde celebrated 5 years of marriage. And, as part of that celebration are training for their first ever 5k together.

* Today I even saw a cardboard bear cutout climb a tree. '09 just keeps getting better.

What has 2009 been to you so far? What's left on your checklist before we step into another decade of life on December 31st?

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