Saturday, June 27, 2009

Would you do this for $1000?

The contest was simple -- Hang out in a port-o-let for an hour in 100 degree temperatures. The rallying of the troops and rules are below as written by an executive from the Indy Racing League...

Mr. G says he will stay in the port-o-let outside the business affairs trailer for 1 hour tomorrow for $400. I’m looking for funding to help underwrite this venture.

1. No blackberry
2. From 4pm – 5pm Eastern
3. No fanning devices allowed
4. Must go in with only the clothes on his person
5. Cash to be paid upon completion of the 60 minute period.
6. The 60 minutes start upon backing the Dodge Avenger up to the door to assure no escape.
7. “Tapping Out” will signify an aborted attempt

Who’s in? Please feel free to consume as much pork, coffee, tobacco products, potato salad, Thai food, spicy chicken wings, braunschweiger, Mexican cuisine, White Castles, old broccoli and Guinness as you see appropriate. You have until 3:59 to purge.

After having gained support of several additional executives, Firestone, Honda and Tony Kanaan, the funding had been raised and more than doubled to $1000.

The emails and tweets flowed prior to the clock until well after. He succeeded! I'm pretty sure I would have done it too. Would you have?

Update (9:30amET 6/29) - The local media heard about it too.


designHER Momma said...

probably not. no.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I would have had to give it a try. I probably would have stripped down to the nude due to the heat and covered my mouth and nose with my clothes (would have sprayed my favorite perfume on beforehand). Can I try first next time? I really could use the money!

Prpldy said...

For $1,000 I would have too try it and hoped to have made it. Sure could use the bucks!