Saturday, February 21, 2009

rock star in (potty) training!


shopannies said...

too cute he looks as if he loves what he is doing watch out mom he could grow up to be the next jonas brother

Princess Caitlin said...

What a cutie!!
We started out the year in preschool with all of them in diapers and half of them are potty trained now. Tis the season, I suppose.

Thanks for the comment! I've been keeping up with your blog. :) not commenting, obviously, but I check my Google Reader daily, and it tells me if anything new's been happening. lol

Sales are down a little, actually. **sad face** and I just bought a bunch of yarn, so I need to get some more sales to make up for it. :P But I'm not complaining. The slowness has actually been a little nice, besides for the less money thing.

I'm SO glad y'all like your hats!!