Monday, February 16, 2009


Remember that photo contest we won a couple months back? We finally reaped the rewards by taking LA and Boatboy to RideMakerZ at a local mall for Valentine's Day. It was an extremely good time!

Woah! much to choose from.

After we picked "the orange one" (a Dodge Charger)... it was time to accessorize! We got chrome wheels and made it an RC (remote control, that is).

This store is a design wonder overall! Diamondplate, steel, chrome, tools, cars, noise...and as you see above even a setup area for putting the cars together with your own store mechanic. "Andy" tried with LA, but you can see the little guy's expression is clear..."I don't know you. Just put my car together and I'll be on my way."

Chrome and my boys!

Boatboy never got out of the stroller while we were there, but doesn't seem to mind. MEGAcuteness!

Does he look excited?

Calling Nana to tell her about the car

Only two complaints about the store:

#1 - It's really pretty expensive. Had we not had a gift card, we would not have gone. That said, it IS a destination experience (ie: Grandson is turning 3 and Grandparents take him there after building it up for weeks. It's the only gift he gets.)

#2 - There are no IndyCar chassis to build from! What in the world?!
...still...GREAT TIMES!

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The Liller Family said...

Yeah, but you being a "car" guy - it's a super cool experience to have with your boys!!! We've been, but only to look (have to agree, pretty expensive)! Looks like LA loves his new car though, can't replace those memories! Way to go grandparents!!!