Monday, December 08, 2008

We have a tooth!

So, today was the arrival of Boatboy's first tooth. He was laying on my lap, I had just finished nursing him, and he was chewing on a piece of LA's foam happy as one could be! Then, he just started screaming and sure enough while he was chewing on the toy, his tooth popped through the gum. Poor little guy! I know, he will never remember. He is getting so big and becoming such a big boy. We are now eating prunes and will add some pears to his diet tomorrow. How times flies by... I guess we will just have to have another one soon!:)


Designher Momma said...

more babies! more babies! I'm calling little girl on you guys this time!

btw...have I ever told you how good of friends you really are?

you all saved me today, really you did.

The Liller Family said...

Yep, time sure does fly! Could you please have a couple of girls for me to spoil - so far, I really only have Emily! LOL

Blondes Poop & Mascara said...

@ Beth_ We would like to add a little princess to the BPM family. But, truth be told...our inclings indicate we'll go the way of your group. Testostorone overload. [Ah]

The Freij Family said...

Hey Haffner Family! I really enjoy reading your blog, it actually inspired Randy and I to create our blogspot. Props to you and Amos on the design, I can barely figure out how to upload and link items and your blog is beautiful and original. Best wishes to your family this holiday :)!