Thursday, December 11, 2008

O Tannenbaum

The eldest BPM boys selecting our tree. We always roll with the real deal. No plastic, pre-lit anything around here. You just can't beat the tradition and the smell. Oh, that fresh pine smell!

Got'er home atop the mini! They love it.

Late night: LA and Boatboy fast asleep while Amos finishes the pruning/sawing/axing/drinking of Crown-Cran in the garage. Pretty sure it's a guy thing.

Next morning: LA loves the lights! We have video too and the expression on his face when he first rounds the corner in our hallways and sees the lights is purely fantastic. If only we could compress it digitally and share it with you. Our PC isn't that advanced yet.

"Turn lights on!....SO Preeeety!"


The Liller Family said...

Okay then, I'm coming over to see the video!!! I'll bet it's too adorable! And AH - I've always thought about getting a real tree, but seeing all the hard work that goes into it, I think I'll stick with my artificial one (although the Crown would be a welcome treat!!!)

Designher Momma said...

ok, we are a faker over here. But I do so wish we had a real one, mostly for the smell.

can I come over and just breath?

Betsy said...

i would like the funky green one!