Saturday, December 06, 2008

Smile For Santa Photo Outtakes

Check out this carnival we just entered over at DesignHER Momma. Great idea!

We readily admit our photo isn't near as good as the hostess's own entry. See here. BUT, this one of our boys makes us laugh...
LA "hugging" Boatboy. Which is really just a brother bear belly hug so that he can hurry up and get done and get his reward for being so good. Marshmallows!

More on the rest of our little photo shoot once we sift through the 70-some shots we snapped in two minutes.


Designher Momma said...

seriously you gave me a good laugh tonight. thanks. needed that!

The Liller Family said...

Have to agree - that photo had me rollin' w/laughter. Too cute those boys of yours!!!