Monday, August 25, 2008

a night with Eddie

(photo by: someone other than us but available online)

Delivering on Amos 30th Bday gift, his buddy Ty (handsome devil on the right below), took him to see Eddie Vedder at downtown Chicago's Auditorium Theatre on Friday night. It was Eddie's ninth and last stop on a very short tour. Which just so happened to be in his home town...and in the venue where he saw his first ever concert himself (Springsteen, '74). Needless to say, he was all sorts of jacked up and ready to rock.

A combined 60 years of rock fanaticism ready to get at it.

Detroit Red Wings defenseman Chris Chelios had been carrying around the Stanley Cup this week to large events in Chicago. Right before the show started, a large rucuss began in the mezzanine directly to the right of our seats. Then, Chelios pops out over the ledge shaking the Stanley. The crowd went crazy!

...strumming acoustic awesomeness

...mandolin or ukulele here. thanks to the fans while exiting after full set

For those that are familiar with Vedder, you know he isn't shy about sharing his opinions on anything. Especially on politics and activism. While we don't agree about half of the time with his opinion, you have to respect anyone who doesn't just sit back apathetically while life passes them by. Eddie started talking about how he wasn't going to talk politics. While he's rambling on about how he's specifically not going to publically endorse a candidate for November's election, two stage hands slowly walked a very large Obama banner stage right to left.

The photo is very dark, but Amos enhanced the image so you can discern the banner.

...back for encore with opening act (Liam Finn) and man we don't know (yet) singing backup vocals

...the crowd loves it!

...Hard Sun from "Into the Wild"

...the entire crew for a bow after 2+ hours of a very unique splendid show. Also...turns out the guy singing backup vocals (and holding Eddie up as he jumps in the air here) is none other than Mr Sean Penn.


Designher Momma said...

oh I was right around the corner from you this weekend seeing the musical Wicked. great weekend for hanging out in the Windy City....

The Haffner Home said...

@ designHER - I actually thought of you walking back to Ty's apt after the show as we passed by the Oriental. Crystal and I saw Wicked there a few years back. Outstanding show! [Ah]