Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a day with cousin Raymond

Last week Crystal nabbed our nephew (her brother's son) for the day to give he and his wife some alone time with our new little niece.

Landon showed his little cous his piano playing / dancing skills.

...and gave him some hugs. Raymond pretty much can't stand this and pushed Landon away. It's cute in that grumpy sort of way.

Then, we gotta clean 'em up! Landon's first bath as a duo. He did well. Good prep for when Noah enters the bathtime equation in a few months.

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Medley Family said...

Hey Guys,
I think Landon's keyboard looks like something Owen would really like for his 2nd birthday....where did you guys get it...what brand is it...also is there anything else he has gotten recently that he really enjoys that might make a good gift. Let me know! I love keeping up with you guys on your do a much better job that I do of updating:)