Sunday, March 14, 2010

Q&A re: TWINS!!!

How are you?

Emotionally and physically I am finally getting better!! It has been 5 days since I have puked. YEAH! I am not dealing with extreme nausea. It's still there, but doable. Pregnant hormonal craziness, extreme shock or overwhelming joy aside - I haven't cried for 5 days either! Last week at our local church gathering everytime some would ask me, "How are you?" I would just start crying and laugh at myself while I was crying...LOONEY! Time and time and time again. I could NOT hold back the tears. I'm an emotional person, but not an big crier. Today at our church gathering, the same question came, "How are you?" And, I didn't cry! Pretty proud of myself actually.

Are you showing?

I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and I have a bump that is very noticeable. I just looked at my 1st (LA, now 3.5-yrs-old) and 2nd (Boatboy, now 22-mo-old) pregnancy 12-week pictures and they do NOT look the same. LA pregnancy I still had a very nice flat stomach. Boatboy pregnancy I had a little pooch. And now the twins pregnancy I have a full out BUMP! I am going to be HUGE! Last week I switched to all maternity pants. I was sick of having tight pants around my waist and not being able to MOVE on the floor with my boys. So, maternity stretchy pants: I am in love with you!

How are you with smells?

Everything smells awful! the other night I walked into the bathroom after Mr. Blonde put on his favorite eucalyptus mint lotion after an evening show and about LOST IT! I put my shirt over my face and starting yelling about how I strongly disliked that lotion. Seated back at the couch, I heard the shower come on. My very sweet and loving (and tolerant) husband took a second shower to wash off the lotion. He is the best!

What are you learning through this process?

My favorite question! In short, a LOT! God is really teaching me to trust and surrender to Him. A very wise woman said to me, "God has chosen you." I am honored! Here is the thing...I (we) are SO excited about the twins...holding them...nursing them. Having four children is going to be so fun. It's going to feel so full. And, rich. I struggle with the unknowns as I mentioned in my previous post. I am learning to give over control because I have none over this situation.I have become more peaceful and joyful. Even through the struggles. This is a journey and I am excited to be on it with amazing husband, kids, family and friends.

Thanks for all the support! Please leave comments. I love hearing from each of you. Oh, I am attending a multiples support group tomorrow. I am very excited! I will let you know how it goes!


Mo said...

My comment is that those floating twins are freaky deaky. Ha! Love ya!!! You are awesome and since I'm 8 years older than you I'm allowed to say I'm proud of you:) See you soon!

Jennifer Nelson said...

I haven't forgotten how I felt in that 1st trimester, physically and emotionally, and how big I DID get by the 39th week when I was induced to give birth to my darling baby girls. It is an experience that I feel so blessed every day to have been given by my God who loves me and knows what is best for me. God has given you a precious gift in these twin babies and will give you the strength and grace that you need during the crazy ride that will give you so much joy! I will be praying for you and will be here to lean on my dear sister. I don't have all the answers but I know that almost 2 years down the road, I am still enjoying every bit of being a mother of twins. I hope I can be a support to you. Love you!

Stam House said...

Glad to read that your feeling a bit better at least since the 5 past days!

Wow 12 weeks already time does past fast :-) in no time you'll be holding them!!!

Hope you have a good week


Anonymous said...

I love you and am so thankful that you are sharing your journey with us on here! I would very much like to take your boys one day soon so you can have a day of rest....we are FINALLY healthy and ready to play! ``Jess Kirkpatrick

Kristin said...

I am just laughing thinking about the stories J and Mr. Blonde can share about us crazy hormonal women! Can't wait to see you soon and give you a big hug!