Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you a model?

Yes. Yes you are a model. Maybe there's no beach scene or a runway. But, you're a model. A more important one than any centerfold anywhere too.

...So, what are you inspiring those looking up to you to do?

What do they see or think when they see or think of you?

It's scary to think about sometimes. But, here's the have models in your life too! You're aren't going this alone (and if you are, fix that immediately)! If you're concerned you aren't modeling things in the best way to those you have influence over, then ask some advice from someone you model yourself after. Leadership and loving influence over those around you does NOT, and will not ever, happen naturally. It happens intentionally and sacrificially.

This post was inspired by the photo you see here. Boatboy chasing after LA to do anything he was doing while at the park last weekend.

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