Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ironing made easy

Ironing has never been something I enjoy doing. Since I been married, I have found myself purchasing clothes that say wrinkle-free much more often to avoid said task. Unfortunately, not all clothes say that. And, not all clothes that say that actually do that. Up until a couple weeks ago when Mr. Blonde would hand me a wrinkled shirt I would just throw it in the dryer and remove it quickly and say "You're good to go!" or rewash a shirt because the wrinkles were just too much to tackle.

When I was sent a Panasonic 360 Quick iron to review I was quickly intrigued by the shape and asked myself what is SO good about this iron. I am extremely impressed. I have ironed with the 360 and gotten gitty with excitement as the wrinkles quickly disappear.

First item to tackle...A silk dress that should have been dry cleaned 2 times ago, but I needed to wear it in 2 hours for a wedding. So...I fired up my new 360 Panasonic iron and steamed away. I spent 3 minutes ironing the entire dress and all wrinkles were gone!! My first Awe moment with my iron. Let me remind you I have had a $14.99 iron for 6 years and it never completely took any wrinkles away and it was a chore to just iron 1 shirt.

Second item of attack...A men's cashmere sweater that should be dry cleaned, but I am too cheapthrifty. Wash on gentle cycle. Let dry on dining room chair. Left with 2 points on the shoulders. Fire up the 360 and turn on the steam. Took the bumps away immediately. I am not talking about 3 or 4 times over the bumpy area...1 time each. In awe once again.

Last item of attack...A pair of thick woman's jeans that were wadded up in the bottom of the clean clothes pile. And I needed to wear them immediately! Of course, I did! The dual pointed ends makes ironing pants VERY easy. It also has controls for all types of fabrics.

I must say I am huge fan of my Panasonic 360 Quick iron. Still not my favorite thing to do, but it has drastically cut my time in half. And it really works. What more could I ask for?!

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Mommy Is Green said...

I have a cordless Panasonic iron and I love it. They are good irons.