Friday, November 20, 2009

"city" living it shall stay

...not that we were ever really leaving the city in trying to sell our house, but we pulled it off the market on Monday. After a full year of trying to sell and an estimated 40+ showings, we couldn't bear the notion of going into the winter months and trying to pull off the you-have-two-hours-to-ready-your-house-for-a-showing stunt.

We heart our home. And, for now, we're settled with God not selling our home so that we can free ourselves up to give more away. Please don't confuse settled with understand. It still doesn't make sense to us. This action for us is really the anti-American dream.

Anyway, our stay means we get much more outdoor life out our huge front picture window for at least one more Hoosier season...

(click for larger view)

Which we love!

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