Friday, May 01, 2009

enjoying the outdoors sans bugs and burn

It is always so great to find a product that I have looked high and low for and had no luck. Two parents more motivated than I with the same qualm decided to make their vision come to life. Que the Buggy Bubble.

It is an infant car seat cover that protects your child from, rain, bugs and sun. There is absolutely nothing out there like the Buggy Bubble. It is breathable and extremely spacious even for my 11-month-old Boatboy.

This award-winning patented design has the highest safety standards . The weather protective supplementary ceiling cover is water resistant and has been tested in accordance with international UPF testing standards and laboratory certified as UPF50+, blocking over 98% of the sun's harmful rays. The Buggy Bubble is simple to use and fits universally on most infant car seat models. It folds into a circle and fits into my diaper bag with ease!

At less than $40 this makes a great shower gift. So head over to Buggy Bubble and pick one up. You will not be disappointed with their sleek and clean design.

And if you ever have a need for a "pop-up tent" you will have one on hand. My 2.5-year-old LA hides under the tent with his animals. So, if you aren't sure if it is is your proof!

Thanks Buggy Bubble! We are really enjoying the protection our bubble offers!

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