Thursday, April 30, 2009

really clean and really green

I am so excited to share with you new and amazing cleaning products that are REALLY safe for you and your family. BabyGanics was founded by two compulsive clean freaks that are Dads (just like my hubby). I love it!

I am so amazed by these products for many reasons. For starters, they really work. For example the All purpose cleaner really cleans everything and leaves no streaks on any of my glass tables (we have FIVE). I have tried many "green" products and they don't clean very well. I end up using so much and then have to go get my not-so-green products loaded with chemicals to finish the job.

After trying many of the BabyGanics products I started researching the products in my cabinets to really find out why BabyGanics is any different than my other "green" products. I was quite surprised how different they really are!

There are over 70,000 synthetic chemicals in commercial production. Due to trade secret labeling laws, manufacturers are not required to list all their ingredients on product labels. You can find traces of chemicals in every organ of the body within 26 seconds of exposure. Those are some scary things to think about. It made me think why wouldn't I want to have safe products around my babies and in my home. Why have I been buying such horrible un-safe products for my family? Ignorance I suppose. No more.

Why is BabyGanics so great and different? (taken from the website...pretty incredible information)

• Natural and Organic – Although similar in concept, natural and organic have different meanings. Natural means that BabyGanics is made solely from earthly ingredients. Nothing man-made was added in any part of production. Organic refers to the product as a whole, indicating that BabyGanics helps sustain people and the planet in a holistic way.

• Free of harsh chemicals/Non-toxic – BabyGanics is 100% chemical free. There are no synthetically derived components. Non-toxic indicates that BabyGanics will not cause adverse health effects, either immediately or in the long-term.

• No pollutants – Not only is BabyGanics safe for the home, it is safe for the environment. Because of its pure composition, BabyGanics will not contribute to indoor air pollution and is not a threat to the environment when properly disposed.

• No caustic ingredients – Caustic ingredients can cause corrosion or deterioration of a material. Surprisingly and unfortunately these types of ingredients can be found in many cleaning products. BabyGanics is pure, and free of any type of caustic element.

• VOC free – VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are chemicals that can be emitted as gas from either a solid or a liquid. Cleaning products that contain VOCs can release this source of air pollution which, in turn, can have negative effects on health. BabyGanics prides itself on being completely free of all volatile organic compounds.

• No fillers or dyes – BabyGanics’ all natural ingredients leave no room for fillers or dyes. Its wholesome composition is beyond sufficient and has no need for dyes or fillers.

• Superior performance – Removing the chemicals and toxins of conventional household cleaners does not remove the ability of BabyGanics to perform its duties. As a cleaning product BabyGanics has surpassed the performance of average cleaners. When put to the test, BabyGanics capacity to clean is top quality.

• Safe for people, pets and the environment – Above all safety is the underlying motivation of BabyGanics. By cleaning your home you should not have to put your loved ones at risk, nor risk polluting the environment. Take the opportunity to switch your current household cleaners to a product that is not only effective but extremely safe as well.

I could not be more pleased with all of the products. I will without a doubt now pay $1 more than normal to better protect my family and our earth.

Go and check out these new and incredible products at BabyGanics. You can pick them up on their website. Make sure to check out their special offers page too. And, find them at many local retailers.

Thanks to Role Mommy for introducing me to BabyGanics!

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