Monday, April 20, 2009

Eco toys your kids must have

I have found an amazing line of toys for our boys. We are so impressed that all of the toys are child-safe, battery-free (which ultimately means cheaper too, right?) and bio-composite Sprigwood material (made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic). We are always trying to buy affordable eco-friendly products. Sprig has met that need.

Sprig got started in 2007 by three toy designers that got fed up with the waste created by the toy industry and laziness other manufacters were instilling in children through what Sprig calls the creation of "watch-me" electronic toys. Instead of just complaining, they became the change they wanted to see.

Sprig toys are good laying in sand and dirt, the bath tub or just playing around the house. These toys are for active preschool age children to build, grow and power their imagination!

We received the Sprig Hollow set that just hit the shelves in April. It's a farm design with a dump truck, helicopter and some little characters to go along. Like any toy they create, they're great for outdoor and indoor play. Sandbox. Bedroom. Bathtub. You name it.

Award-winning Sprig toys are intended for kids ages 3 and up. But, LA (2.5) and Boatboy (11mos) both enjoy their time with them now...

Get some Sprig: Pick up Sprig toys just about anywhere. No, for real. Look. Toys R Us. Amazon. Etc, etc.

For you Tweeters and Facebookers, they're socializing with you too. And, check out these free coloring book pages. Happy Earth Day!

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