Thursday, December 18, 2008

this tripping hazard brought to you by the Yellow Pages

Hate getting those 36 pound books dropped at your front door like twice a year? Us too. And, the negative effect on the environment for books that are largely unused by most of the public is tremendous! Que You can opt out of receiving those things! We did about 10 minutes ago.

Peep these facts...

How many directories are printed annually in the United States? 540 Million

What is the average weight of the directories? 3.62 pounds (I guess 36 is to too high)

How much is the directory industry worth to the telephone companies in the United States? $13.58B

How much is the directory industry worth worldwide? $26B

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poe family said...

Done! Thank you for posting this link...I hate getting those things! I did learn how to rip one in half, but our hometown phone book is about 1/3 of the size of these I wouldn't attempt it...but I'm sure I could do it!