Thursday, November 20, 2008

#8: Top Ten Gifts That Give

Since #9 was a bit on the expensive side, let's drop it down low for this one. Like $12 low. Even you college folk can ride that train.

Who likes mosquitos?
Exactly. Nobody. They aren't too much of an issue for us Americans in that we can lock them out of our homes. Well, what if you have no house? No windows. And, no bed for that matter.

In the poorest parts of the world, where effective window screens are lacking, insecticide-treated bed nets are arguably the most cost-effective way to prevent malaria transmission. One bed net can safely last a family for about four years, thanks to a long-lasting insecticide woven into the net fabric. Studies show that use of nets can reduce malaria transmission as much as 90% in areas with high coverage rates. (

Might you remember the good folks over at Horizon International. We've talked about them before and they've been over in our Make A Difference dropdown for a while. Our brother/sis-in-law ("Uncle O" & "Aunt Eesha" as LA calls them) just did a trip with them in August.

Since 2002, the work of Horizon has impacted thousands of AIDS/HIV orphans. From clean water to children’s villages to educational opportunities, projects in Zimbabwe, Uganda and South Africa provide tangible, long-lasting help to people in need while showing them Love in practical ways.

That practical love continues through Horizon's Christmas catalog featuring our highlighted mosquito net and several other gift ideas. Check it out here.

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