Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weather Alert!

Meteorologists Predict Intensely Brisk Autumn

Hug your loved ones extra tight. Let them know you love them. Cash in those stocks. We might not make it through this one alive.


Shannon said...

Love this humor...I am going to be watching for those ray reflections off the duck ponds FOR SURE!!!!! And hope LA is doing better. I am praying for you all ;)!! Whenever you all are up for it let's have a little play date ;)!!!

Tish said...

I was actually concerned for a minute. I don't get to check in on the news much lately since I am entrenched in diapers and such so the world could be falling apart around me and I would be the last to know. Oh wait, it is!

Gotta love the Onion!
Thanks for the giggle.