Tuesday, October 07, 2008

LA acquires HMFD

Ever heard of hands mouth and foot disease? No, not hoof and mouth disease. Leave that one to the cloven footed ones. HMFD. No? Well, here's what it does...

* Fever. Frequently fluctuating. Very high at times.

* Poor or no appetite.

* Sores. Rashes. Blisters...Guess where. Yep. Hands. Mouth. Feet. Mouth, by far, being the worst. Inside all over. And, outside on the lips.

* Aforementioned sores wake up the victim during the night. Often.

* Causes general fun-loving well-tempered cute little blond toddlers to turn into painfully possessed demon tornadoes at the drop of a hat.

* Very contagious. Not the best viral option with an infant in the house too.

* "There is no specific treatment for HFMD." Oh, really. Thanks. For nothing.

Run. Duck. Cover. Wash hands. Lysol. Don't kiss. Contain. Disinfect. Wash clothes. Wash skin. Bleach eyes. Shave head. Bathe in HCl.

HMFD, please go away!


The Liller Family said...

Ohhhh, poor thing! My kids have had that multiple times over their toddler-hood. It gets easier though. Hope he's feeling better by now - prayin' for him . . . AND you!!!

Tish said...

That makes me uncomfortable just reading about it! Feel better LA.