Wednesday, September 17, 2008

hope-filled fashion

Gotta love when you run across visions like this. Thanks to Relevant's 850 Words newsletter for the tip.

Meet Jedidiah.

From their manifesto...

"...Burdened by what seemed to be an endless onslaught of lifestyle alternatives that promote self-gratification, greed and addiction. Jedidiah embarked on a path of trying to touch the hearts of people through clothing. We feel that serving others is more fulfilling to the human heart than serving yourself..."

Based out of So Cal, but with retailers all over the nation, ya gotta love why they're doing it and how they're doing it. A fashion company first but not without action. Some sweet designs in their store. Check it out.

Here is one of Amos's favorites.

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ronedog said...

i looked at this but never truly understood how much they were donating... i know some of the shirts in the hope collection give away $10,, but they also say somthing about 1%....this does not seem like much to me. maybe i just don't know enough about how they are giving...