Friday, September 19, 2008

He's on a roll!

We expected #2 to have a little lead time on #1. Turns out, he upped his older bro by a couple months! LA didn't roll over until about 6 months. Boatboy isn't quite 4 months yet and performed the feat for the first time this morning. Enjoy the flick and have yourself an amazing Friday evening.


Chloe said...

silly humans, i was doing that when i was only 2 months old.... but then again i guess that is 14 months to them... oh well.... now were did i put my chew toy again....EWWW my TAIL !!!!!

Shannon said...

Yeah Boatboy!! Hilarious captions...I am sure that is exactly what he was saying ;)!! Your boys are getting so big!!!!!!

The Liller Family said...

Oh my gosh - at first I was thinking "how cute is this going to be" and now I've woken up the kids by laughing too loud at the captions! Hilarious and super cute all at the same time!!!