Monday, April 14, 2008

Potty training!

Yes, we are in our 3rd week of potty training. Not a journey we expected to start before baby #2 arrives. The journey we were planning on was switching LA from the crib to his big boy bed, but that has been put on hold. I guess when your child is coming up to you and saying, "pee pee" and grabbing himself because he has to poop is a pretty good sign we should start the process. That is how this thing started about 5 weeks ago. So, we picked up a potty chair and sure enough he started pooping on it for about a week consistently and then 2 weeks ago I read Toddlerwise and started the "peeing" part of the potty training. It is going really well. We have our moments as I am sure most of you do who have potty trained...It is a lot more work than we ever thought it would be...sitting with him on the toilet and entertaining him for 15-20 minutes multiple times a day is a lot. He is doing great and we are so proud of him.

So, today which is the 3rd week of a very consistant potty training routine...he was able to wear his new big boy underwear with frogs. He thought he was pretty cute. He kept going to the mirror to check himself out.

We'll keep you posted along the way. I am just excited that we could be real close to just having one child in diapers. What a blessing that would be! Any ideas or things that worked well for you, please let us know!


The Liller Family said...

We always waited until our boys were 3ish before potty training, that way it only took a day or two and they were good to go (except Blake, he's a totally different breed from the other two so far). Either way, you're way ahead of the game on me sista! Way to go Landon, we're proud of you too!!!

Shannon said...

Landon looks so cute in his froggy "roos". I am cheering you on girl!! Sophie called you on our "calculator" yesterday and told you she was cooking and asked how Landon was doing. It was so cute!! Can't wait for baby #2...your prego belly looks adorable!! Keep those up!! Love you!! Shan

Ellinghouse said...

what we did: Let Piper roam free naked. She could roam around all day with a wet pants but somehow the bare dribble down her leg was no fun. WhatEVAH!