Friday, September 21, 2007

Sharing music is neat...

A few weeks back, we had the chance to download the Robbie Seay Band's latest album, Give Yourself Away, via Relevant Magazine dot com for free. You might have gotten an email from Amos about it. Anyway, below was an email Amos received today that we wanted to share with you because of the music gift RSB shared with us...



Thank you so much for downloading our new album Give Yourself Away on I'm writing because you owe me $13.99. Kidding..kidding! We were really excited to give the album away to you guys, hoping that for many of you, this became an introduction to Robbie Seay Band. Welcome to the family! We hope you've enjoyed and connected with the new music. We are truly excited about this album and want to invite you to help us share it with folks across the country.

Here's how you can help:
1. GIVE THE MUSIC AWAY! After you have your own copy, consider gifting the album to someone on iTunes
-- Give Yourself Away is only $7.99 and includes a bonus track with Shane and Shane. If you prefer a hard copy, you can order the cd directly from

2. TELL SOMEONE! RSB is a word of mouth band. Our music has always been shared rather than advertised. We hope you'll play a role in that. Write a blog, email your address book, tell your church or organization, etc.. We're not a big, flashy, take a bunch of ads out, type of band. If you like the music, tell someone. Simple enough.

3. COME SEE RSB LIVE!We'll be traveling the country over the next year and we'd love to have you join us. Check out the website or myspace for tour dates and come say hello. Also, our pal Brandon Heath is on the road with us and you don't want to miss him! He's fantastic.

Thanks again for your time and support of the music.

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