Monday, September 24, 2007

IndyCar Staff Party!

We didn't get a whole lot of pics from the party. But, here are a couple of shots that Amos's co-worker took. (Thanks, Nathan!) We had a lot of fun at the annual Season Ender Bender at the Forbes residence. Thanks Kevin and Ruthie!

Landon enjoyed playing in the grass. And check out his belly!!!:)

Check out camo baby having fun w/his turtle car in the yard. It's his favorite toy of the week.

My adorable boys!!


Andy Keller said...

Those are great pictures! I see from the belly shot that Landon shares more traits with his Daddy than just the curly hair. Kidding Amos, I'm not one to talk.

The Liller Family said...

You all are such an adorable family! I love Landon's hat and camo outfit, he's just the sweetest baby!

Haffner Home said...

Oh, Andy....your comment is very funny! I am sure Amos will be running an extra couple miles this evening....or have an extra beer!! :) ch

Haffner Home said...

Real funny, Keller! I'll remember that next time I'm running at 6am (or sipping an Upland fall brew).

The Amsler Family said...

Landon is getting so big...and so cute as always.