Monday, June 28, 2010

last "Family of Four" photo highlights [Part 1]

I wanted to share some of our last Family of Four photos with you from a recent session with Full Pockets Photography. It was megahot out the morning of these photos. But, thanks to a willing aunt & uncle to assist, the wonders of blowing bubbles and bribery of marshmallows, we had a blast!

It is crazy to imagine there are going to be two more little guys in our next family photo session!

I've broken this up into a couple posts along with some other updates you'll see this week from Blondes, Poop & Mascara. We love you, your photography gifts and your friendship, Katelin!

Love this one!!

We found a trail we'd never been down. So, of course, off the boys went.

LA lovin' on the twins. Not a posed photo. :)

Boatboy carrying a stick bigger than him. Again, not a posed photo.

More to come later this week. Hope you all are well!

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kjpugs said...

Oh my goodness, you all are so cute!!! I think non-posed pictures are really the best, especially for kids (and pugs!)