Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i. hate. laundry.

I am completely horrible at laundry. I don't enjoy doing it. It's not a priority during my day. And, I have 25 pair of underwear so I have never need to do that often! BUT, it can't be this way. My husband likes clean clothes in his drawers and not in a basket. I have 2 boys who stain clothes. And I am expecting two more boys!

You know what I love about laundry? When it's done. I really need to work on doing a load everyday to keep up. It was much easier when I was just doing my own laundry. But, that was 7 years ago! It is definitley something I need to improve on. So I kind of laughed when MomSelect contacted me to review a laundry detergent. But I do love detergent that really works and fits our budget.

I was sent some new all Ox-Active Laundry Detergent. I was very excited to give this 2-in-1 advanced cleaning powder a chance. I usually just buy whatever is on sale. But I have been noticing how hard it is to get grass stains out. I have really noticed a difference in the way this new Oxi Active gets out stains. And it doesn't break the budget!! With 2 active boys and an active hubby I need a GOOD and TOUGH laundry detergent!

Oxi-Active delivers cleaning powder that keep whites vibrant and colored clothes extemely bright. It is safe for both traditional and high-efficency washing machines. Ours is "traditional." It is the most powerful all product on the market.

I know I need a laundry detergent that is going to fight stains the first time for a reasonable price. I have almost finished the bottle provided to be and I am loving it! Though it has not changed my motivation to do laundry, I have found a new detergent that really works!

Guess who else gets to try some? You or any other reader that enters to win. I have two bottles to give away! What Mom doesn't want a free bottle of laundry detergent that fights grass stains, blood, wine, grape juice, coffee, formula and chocolate!?

Buy a bottle: $4.49 for a 28 load bottle at most all mass merchandisers and food stores.

Win a bottle: Two Blondes, Poop & Mascara readers will each win a bottle of all Oxi-Active detergent. Leave me a comment about a major stain you have faced.

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Thank you once again MomSelect and all for allowing me to review a pair of shoes in exchange for my honest review!


Ry and Ally said...

Grass stains. definitely the worst!

Ry and Ally said...

subscribe via email!

Ry and Ally said...

Follow your blog!

Ry and Ally said...

Have your button!

Ry and Ally said...

Follow you on twitter!

Ry and Ally said...

Tweeted! http://twitter.com/allyvc/status/14306694146

Mo said...

EVERY pair of pants Alice owns right now has a brown dirt stain on the butt!!!! It's because she lives in the sandbox outside at school. I can not get them out and this weekend I am buying her some new clothes. Unless I win your giveaway. In that case, I will try one more time to get these stains out!

designHER Momma said...

Major stains I've faced? I don't even want to go there - even if I just thought about today.

Shannon said...

Soph just started t-ball...need I say more ;). So she played on a clay field with white pants. Really? I mean she's 4, but willing to try anything!!

Shannon said...

Tweeted it too ;)!


ok really gross but armpit stains of the guys