Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Berry messy!

Today I was making lunch and realized I was completely out of fruit. Then, I remembered I had frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies. Note to self (and you): Never feed your children frozen fruit. It was out of control messy, but they LOVED it. LA and Boatboy ate the entire bag and wanted more. LA, of course did not get messy, but my little Boatboy sure knows how to get messy. At first I was like "This is going to be a disaster!" Then, it got so bad I just laughed out loud thinking "You're only a kid once."

This was a picture from the beginning. I forgot to take a picture when they were done because I was so distracted with the mess. We headed straight for the bath! Mr.Blonde would have died. Our eldest gets his cleanliness from his father. "Everything has its place," is his famous line. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed to have a very clean man. But messes like this make me laugh out loud because he would have been freaking out during lunch this picture is for you Honey!!

2 comments: said...

I just convulsed. Twice. -Mr. Blonde

Mommy Is Green said...

Kids always seems to have the most fun with the messy stuff. Like Mr. Blonde I don't always do well with the messy stuff. Then I try to relax a little because like you said they are only kids once.