Monday, December 21, 2009

LA sees his new room (pics and video)

NOTE: The payoff for this post involves a 2min video which means you should be using broadband while reading this for the full effect.

We have been wanting to paint LA's room for years. Literally. We just never did because we were moving. Now..we're not moving. At least for now. So, the first order of business on Mr. Blonde's Christmas vacation was getting LA a proper toddler room aesthetic.

his old room was the inherited guest bedroom turned playroom

two coats of hi-end primer and the red wall was covered

the first blue wall done

Mrs. Blonde working the orange stripe at 1am this morning

While the room still isn't done, Mr. Blonde captured video of LA seeing it for the first time earlier this afternoon. His reaction was well worth the work and wait...

...his favorite color is orange in case you couldn't tell.


Cara said...

I loved his happy dance!

zealandsmom said...

Where's my toys?!!
hahaha too damn cute!