Friday, October 16, 2009

Buble's Crazy Love ups and downs

It's predictable...
It's unoriginal...
It's chart-topping "Pop"...

So, why is Michael Buble's latest studio album, Crazy Love, worth listening to? Because it's really freakin' good!

It's exactly what the young listeners of today need reminded of...Big Band-style music with soaringly powerful vocals humming out simple and honest lyrics has a place in your earbuds! In a sense, Buble's lucky because his competition is very very slim in the crooner/jazz category. He's younger than Harry Connick Jr. And, he has more experience and market presence than Chris Mann.

Quick vitals on Buble: He's sold over 22 million albums worldwide. His previous album "Call Me Irresponsible" (2007) grabbed a Grammy and was a #1 album in over 15 countries. "It's Time" (2005) holds the record as the longest running title to remain on the Billboard Traditional Jazz charts. 80 weeks! He has had two #1 singles, "Everything" and "Home."

The highlight of the album for me is right off the bat with Buble's cover of the old jazz standard Cry Me A River. Originally performed by Ella Fitzgerald, Buble's version is everything the piece should be. Brilliant big band backing. Beautifully articulated notes. An absolutely gripping song. 5 stars.

It's downhill from there. But, not in a sinking-to-the-bottom-swirling-the-drain sort of way. In a gentle-coasting-this-is-nice-dinner-party sort of way.

All Of Me is nice.

Georgia On My Mind is alright.

Crazy Love is very enjoyable.

Composed largely of arranged covers, Buble did pen himself the biggest hit of the album so far in track #5. Haven't Met You Yet. It's catchy. Happy. Well done.

Then, we sort of just pace through the rest of the album. Nothing's "bad" but nothing rises above the first half of the cd either.

Least favorite: The cover of Eagle's classic Heartache Tonight seems really forced to me. I skip it every time.

Most favorite: Opening track and Buble's cover of Van Morrison's hit (the title track on the album) Crazy Love. In part because I like it. And, in part because Mrs. Blonde likes it enough that I think it gets her in the mood. -Mr. Blonde

For more there is a nice short CNN interview with Michael Buble here.

Thank you One2OneNetwork for the chance to review the album.

{Blondes, Poop & Mascara was given a copy of this album at no cost with the expectation that we would write an honest review on the release.}

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JanMary said...

Visiting from N Ireland and the UPrinting forum.

Just heard that song "Just haven't met you yet" yesterday and loved it.

The album is definitely on my wishlist this Christmas.