Friday, August 21, 2009

How much of a dirtball are you?

I work in an office. It's not too large. Not too small. More males than females. Fairly standard corporate sort of feel as far as the actual building is concerned. We have bathrooms. Your office likely does too. Maybe more than one.

As you know, once your done doing what it is you need to do in the men's / women's room, it is in the best interest of your health and those around you to wash your hands. I continue to be absolutely atonished at the number of men I work with who pay this procedure no mind whatsoever. It gets worse. I'm not talking about just not washing after taking a spray. I'm talking about exiting the stull after logging out and just trapsing right out the door as if in the woods. For real?! That really just happened?! And, I'm standing here to see that you just did(n't) wash?! Unfreakin' believeable!

So, how hethen are you dear Blondes, Poop & Mascara reader? My sneaking suspicion is that most of the readers here are female. Which leads me to sneaking suspicion number 2 - you all are cleaner and just a more respectable sex in general. We shall see.

I present you...two polls...(input away) >>>

What is your gender?

How often do you wash your hands after using the bathroom?

-Mr. Blonde


without the "e" said...

This must be why one Mr. Arie Luyendyk refuses to shake hands with men. Perhaps I will adopt this practice as well. Gross!

Sarah said...

I am totally grossed out by guys that don't wash... I mean, there is DIRECT contact with parts for guys. Girls at least have a layer of protection... 2-ply if you're not in Kosova ;)

Mel said...

Yes...that is totally gross. What's even worse is that washing your hands is now standard for people you work with to not do it and see you watch them walk out the door. you really have that much self confidence that you just don't care what people think...cause EWWWW...that's just gross. BTW...there are lots of women I see not washing their hands or they do the "courtesy" quick turn water on and off thing. Why even bother???

Jody said...

I witness the same thing, but from the other side of the wall :)