Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Spring photo shoot

As any proud parents we want family photos on our walls, brag books full and iPods stuffed with studio quality portraits of our handsome little men. Despite our pre-conceived notions, for the past three years JCPenny Portraits has done just that for us. Being quite frank, we have had a couple visits that didn't go so well. But, in large part (guestimating 8 of 10 visits) they have been fantastic!

Thanks in large part go out to the photographers they hire. When you're quality of service hinges on 1) trying to please parents who all think their kids are angels and 2) ensuring that babies and toddlers produce enough photogenic moments to validify a financial spend it's no easy task.

Check out our selects from our visit a couple weeks ago with LA and Boatboy...

Price points are great! There are almost always coupons available in the mail, online or in parenting magazines. And, we're members of the Portrait Studio Club which includes free photo sheets, no sitting fees, free online viewing and more for only $40 a year.

JCPenny Portraits has the BPM stamp of approval. We won't say they can replace a personal photographer, but they're a fiscally sound 2nd place any day.


Princess Caitlin said...

Ah! those are sooo precious!

Marilyn T said...

Oh, those pics are so darling!!! I know you are proud!!

Little Miss Lexie Designs said...

I love them...my luv a duv's are so cute