Sunday, March 08, 2009

sticker your walls - in a good way

I have come across a one-stop-shopping-experience website. Raspberry Kids is a very easy-to-use website including one page checkout, faceted navigation and more. Raspberry Kids also carries many exclusive brands like Colette Kids, Kuki Kids, Lucy and Michael, baobab, Little Chipipi, Yoozzoos, Abe Jones. And, the pride they take in themselves for great customer experience is actually real. It's not just marketing language!

I got to to play in a very girlie room with some gorgeous adhesive artwork Little Chipipi (pronounced chipeepee). These wall stickers are removable and very easy to reposition. As you can see from the pictures they are tons of fun! They allow your child to create their own interior designs for a quick and effective way to brighten up a room. These premium Australian made stickers will remove without damaging walls, windows or doors and leave no residue. Don't like all the pink and butterflies, they have cars for boys too.

Buy a set: Head over to Raspberry Kids and pick up a set for15% off with the discount code blondes 15 before March 31st. Each set includes 42 wall stickers: 9 butterflies, 3 posies, 10 flowers, 10 hearts and 10 dots.

The discount code includes ALL products. Head over to Raspberry Kids and pick up something for your kiddo. And, they have great gift ideas!


Sue said...

It is great to be on Blondes, Poop and Mascara!

We love the Little Chipipi wall stickers too and our kids had oodles of fun with them.

Take advantage of our discount offer for a limited time!

Have a fresh, healthy and fun day,
Chief Executive Mom, Raspberry Kids

SunUniverse said...


It was interesting to visit your blog.

If decorating a girl's room with murals or wall stickers then we need to firstly, discuss a theme.

Usually, little girls like sugar and spice and all things nice – so you can perhaps go for a nice girlie theme with light colors, a floral feel – so that it’s evident that it’s a girl’s room.

You could explore the Ocean theme. Little girls love bright colors, and with the Ocean theme, you’ll have lots of options to play around with different shades and hues.