Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turning My Back on the AFC (at least this weekend)

It's not because of some great disdain for Big Ben. It's not that I really loathe the Steelers (though I do when our Colts play them). In fact, I truly enjoy watching Pittsburgh's strong safety, Troy Polamalu, pick apart an offense. Almost as much as I enjoy Bob Sanders do the same (when he's not injured! He played what...like half the games this year?). Bob's actually two inches shorter, more muscular and probably a bit quicker than Troy. But, I digress...

I'm a Kurt Warner fan. Always have been. And, by always I mean since he took the Rams to Superbowl 34 and led them to victory in as nearly a perfect game as any QB could play. He threw for 414 yards against a talented Titans defense that year. Incredible.

But, not as incredible as his commitment to life off the field. Check out some of the projects his organization is doing right now. And, read through this note on Snopes in response to a widely circulated email forward regarding Kurt and his wife Brenda.

In addition to cheering for that guy. This Sunday brings us a truly remarkable underdog story. The Cardinals haven't ever made it to a Super Bowl. The Steeler Nation has had its day. Been around since 1933 and this marks their 7th visit to the Championship. They've claimed 5 of them. Move over. And, don't underestimate the Cardinals. Everyone else has this year.

Go Cardinals! Sorry Foust.
- Mr Blonde


PrissyGreen said...

I didn't want either team to win in the AFC. ravens or steeler. umm, neither?

I am and have been cheering on the cardinals!! and I am a COLTS LADY too! this year was sad.

Anonymous said...

I hate to jink Kurt Warner by rooting for them, but I have to admit I'd like to see him win another ring. Those were exciting years in St. Louis when he was there, even though I'm a chiefs fan.