Thursday, November 13, 2008

#9: Top Ten Gifts That Give

Now, here is a gift with some heart and sole!

What if buying a pair of shoes could change a village? Provide health care? Educate a community? Protect against terrorism? Save a child’s life?

Introducing Preemptive Love's Buy Shoes. Save Lives. project. First they invest tens of thousands of dollars into Iraqi mountain villages in the purchase of these hand-dyed, hand-spun, and hand-knit Klash shoes by Kurdish families @ 40 hours/pair.

Watch this amazing video on how they're made...

Then they invest all the profits into heart surgeries for poor Arab and Kurdish kids that are dying from lack of government interest in their well-being. Outstanding!!

Their blog is moving. The joys and pains shared there are incredible. These aren't statistics. They're little boys and little girls. Like yours. Like ours. With names. Needs. Smiles. Fears. And, broken hearts that need mending.

from Monday, October 30th entry on Shanaw and Kale...
"...On Monday both girls had their final echocardiogram, revealing beautifully strong beating hearts. Shanaw and Kale have been fully released from the doctor’s care and are now on their way back to homes and families in Iraq with new hearts. Besides the presence of scars on their chests, you’d never know that these energetic, expressive girls were once dying from heart problems. How incredible that we get to be part of saving these kids lives!..."

At $100 a piece, the shoes aren't cheap. And, the style might not be for everyone. But, the energies behind the scenes are of the most admirable in the footwear business.

Here is a nice little interview from Relevant Magaizine with the founders of Buy Shoes. Save Lives.

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