Tuesday, November 25, 2008

#7: Top Ten Gifts That Give

Now, this is so simple, it's genious. The GiveNow Card. A gift card to give the gift of giving. Brilliant!

JustGive is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to increase charitable giving by connecting people with the charities and causes they care most about.

JustGive's database contains nearly 1.5 million charities. How does one sift through all of that content? The charities are grouped into 19 categories to make your search easier and faster.

Their core values...
  • Passion. We have an unwavering commitment to charitable giving. As a charitable organization ourselves, we understand the nonprofit world and how charity can improve life both for you and for the charities you support.
  • Integrity. We have one of the highest-pass through rates in the charitable giving arena and are dedicated to keeping the cost of every transaction as low as possible. Ninety-seven cents of every dollar you contribute goes straight to the charities you designate.
  • Relationships. A continually growing group of partners and sponsors believe in and use JustGive to support their charitable giving programs and to receive their charitable donations. Creative and responsive to both donors and partners, JustGive has been named as one of the Best of the Web for online donations.
You can even determine the financial increment of your gift card. The do cards for as low as $10. JustGive only skims $5 per card to cover admin fees. The rest goes straight to your recipient's chosen cause.

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