Friday, October 17, 2008

Vaca Day w/ Dadda

The family of four less the Boatboy who was sleeping in the stroller. The 4 story glass thing behind us here is quite amazing.

See. Yeah...that's a thumb in the mouth. LA never did that. This one does it all the time. We'll likely still keep him.

This was big. Very big. LA's first successful (without bawling) carousel ride. Crystal hadn't tried it since our season pass gift was received for LA's second bday back in August. Dadda gave it a go and it didn't take much pursuading.

Massive alligator-like skeleton. Wicked cool.

This Thomas character is seriously everywhere. Who knew putting a massive smiley face on a blue train engine and naming him could be a multi-million dollar business?

14.5 years and counting until this car cut out grows wheels and engine and hefty insurance policies.

The Momma and the little one (and Hulk and Spidey).

A classic. Only I think it just used to cost the penny you smash. Now, it sucks two quarters down the chamber along with it. Still...LA loved it.

...crawling in the hall or mirrors.

"Get in racecar with Dadda!" Heck ya, boy! IndyCar it is!

...after a half an hour lunch, a toddler was ready to "see trains and go bye bye"-- translation: tired. very tired.

Boatboy on the other hand was happy as a clam. How stinkin' cute is he?

"Look at that big bell, Dadda!"

A quality morning at the local children's museum. Let's head home for a nap.

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