Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall is coming!

We attended a Fall Festival parade in a downtown smalltown this past weekend. It was LA's (and Boat Boy's) first parade. He was a little unsure of things, but he warmed up.

Boat boy is fast asleep! The whole loud parade he never made a peep!

The parade was running a little late so we pulled out some crayons to occupy LA. And, he colored his face. This pic is hilarious because (as most of you know we have a sensitive little boy) he thought he was in trouble. Then realized he wasn't! How precious.

Post parade our happy little Boat Boy with his Dadda.

We headed to our favorite park and our friends joined us for the evening for some pizza and park time. We had a blast! Thanks for heading down to our timezone. Ha!

Major static!

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Anonymous said...

His curls went straight! I love that picture! Nana and Papa