Friday, August 01, 2008

Garage sale buddy.....

Landon loves "sea turtles" from a Baby Einstein video he has, so he went crazy when he saw a real (real as in plush) sea turtle at a garage sale this morning. His eyes have been glued to our new $1 friend (which will be heading to Papa and Nana's). We got home this morning and I had to Lysol it like crazy and then let it dry outside. LA checked on it every 5 minutes it, now that it is in the home he won't let go of his new friend.

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Jordon said...

Did you happen to know that I "have" a Lysol/cleaning product connection? And does that really surprise you?
E-mail me your address and I may have a free case of Lysol to send you (seriously..I'll send it)the Lysol people love me.
Amos, you remember the house I grew up in... the love of Lysol is in my genes!
Love the turtle LA!