Monday, July 07, 2008

1776, 1978 & 2008

For his entire life Amos has gotten to celebrate his birthday alongside the United of States. This weekend was a bit more special as Amos ushered in a third decade in his life.

Went on over to the Hudsons on Friday night for a playful evening with friends.

And, Ella, Jakey and Landon even got to play with one of these...

Landon took Papa's boat for a spin on Eagle Creek

"Oh, I wish they had video of that," you're thinking. Well, you're in luck...

Thanks to Crystal's surprise date plans...jammed out to the brilliant rock sounds of Will Hoge at the Rathskellar with Josh and Jami.
And, played in the sprinkler.


The Liller Family said...

What a beautiful family - but you all always did take amazing pictues! The pig video was crackin' me up though. Seriously, is that someones pet??? Funny!!! Love little LA driving the boat too. Glad things are going well! Hope to see you soon - I gotta meet the newest addition soon!!!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Amos!! It looks like it was a great celebration weekend for you! I love the videos too. Crystal is a hottie, so I can see why you take shots of her. ;)

ty said...

Driving - ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!!
Next thing you know, you guys will be letting him take a toke, just to get the "experience"
You better hope that the DNR never sees this thing.