Saturday, June 07, 2008

a Friday morning dip

As the Haffners wind down Amos's week of Noah Break from the office, the elder Haffner boys ventured outdoors for a dip in the morning (before temps hit 90 again, geesh Mother's June...cut us some slack...and these Tstorms could settle down a bit too while we're on topic) while Momma and baby Noah caught some ZZzz.

First things first...fill it up. (Not that Landon really cared, but Amos did heat up the 54 degree water with some piping hot water from the laundry room. But, as mentioned, he could have cared lips and all.)

Why not fill up the watering can too.

... and cool down the slide

Slippery when wet. (Hey, that sounds familiar.)

Take a break...for 1.8 seconds.

Dadda knows awesome water tricks.

Looking for "airplanes" with "glasses" because it's "bright bright bright."

Look who came out to check out the action.

Back in the house, bathed, lunched, chomping down one last grape and headed to the potty and a nap.

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The Liller Family said...

Oh my gosh - all these pictures are just too cute! So, what does little LA think of his new baby bro???