Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Visiting Dadda at the track!

Today was Community Day at the Speedway. So we loaded up, picked up Papa and spent the morning getting in and out of race cars (thanks to Papa). LA loves race cars...and loves that Dadda has to wear a logo shirt just about everyday. We only lasted for about 2 hours...the walking and contractions were quite a bit...but who knows, maybe this will speed things up for baby #2 !

LA with his Papa in front of the Borg-Warner trophy. --And, believe it or not, he does actually love having his little sunglasses on. When he doesn't have them, he says, "Bright! Glasses."

The owner(whose bottom is shown) of this old car allowed LA to play for a little while. He was loving it!

We were able to see our first Firestone monster truck tire. He has a monster truck book that he loves. So, it was very excting to see a real one!

Showing us his new race car he received from a vendor and a gold fish in his mouth.

I love this picture!! Just hanging out with Dadda...Amos only got to break away from the office for about 25 minutes, but it was well invested time.

Checking out Danica's ride from last year.


Medley Family said...

Ok now I love the sunglasses...where did you get ones that fit him? I need to get some for Owen and also convince him they are cool to wear! Good luck with baby #2...I cant wait to hear of his/her arrival.

Haffner Home said...

I found Landon's sunglasses at Gymboree. THey are a little big, but he wears them and I just love them too!!! :) I look forward to sharing when baby #2 arrives!!!

poe family said...

Girl, you are crazy! What are you doing at the race track? You're suppose to be having a baby! Maybe a lap around the track would have done the trick? I guess we'll just keep waiting. Landon looks like such a big boy in these pics. He's going to make a great big bro!

The Liller Family said...

How cute is that! Maybe LA will race cars someday too! If you guys are back at the track this weekend, come see us . . . or maybe #2 will arrive on race day!!! Now THAT would be a cool story to tell, huh?