Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday

We first attended The Well for our Easter gathering with both of LA's grandparents. It was still early in this picture and it took Landon a little while to wake up. I wanted to add in this post where I got LA's super cool tie!!!!! I was so pumped to find this company online called daintycouture.com. Look under little man ties. The quality of the tie is incredible and I can't wait to buy another tie for another special occasion!! If you have boys and like great ties.....check out their website!!!

He is growing up so fast!

One proud Momma!!!!

Amos and I hosted Easter at our home with both sets of parents and aunts and uncles. It was such a great time!!! This is LA having a blast with his Uncle O.

And enjoying his time with Aunt Elisha!

There is most of the gang.

And a goodnight picture!


poefamily said...

Love the hat, love the tie, love it! He's adorable. I can't wait to see new pics of unknown-gender baby Haffner #2 tomorrow! Hope you have a good HC tonight.

Shannon Pongratz said...

Great pictures! Landon is all the sudden looking like a toddler. He's just the cutest little man in his tie and hat. I love it!! Looking forward to being with you guys tomorrow!