Monday, October 22, 2007

LA's new Hummer

Papa and Nana (Crystal's parents) picked up this sweet little ride at a garage sale a couple weeks back. While LA's little legs can't reach the pedals yet, he sure likes hanging out in it. And, he should...Frank even Armor All'ed the tires! There are also about 5 different music selections. LA is living up to his middle name; he dances the most to the rock and roll tunes. Free Bird!!

2 comments: said...

We'll have to get the boyz together with their garage sale rides, so they can cruise around. Jaden has a dune-buggy. The radio is a nice bonus. Jaden's just has little nobs that click when you twist them. It cracks me up when Landon bumps his head while he dances. He's a wild one.

The Liller Family said...

That is AWESOME - and it looks just like Shawn's H2! Blake just saw this picture and said "Hey, that's Daddy's Hummer" - I'm sure he'll be over soon to take a spin on it! Rock on LA, Rock on!!!