Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pony up!

You are likely just as excited as we are about the results of Sunday's amazing Superbowl. We wanted to share some of our variation with you...

Landon and his Daddy are very excited for the game!

So is Mommy!

The scene at Champps from our table with friends, Gabe, Heather, Stephanie, Casey, Ty and Rachel. Most of them also wore blue and knew there was a large game at hand.

Here's 30wk pregnant Rachel holding our baby boy! Yes, we're serious...she's 30 weeks pregnant and looks that good.

Ty and Casey after something good occured in the 4th quarter. Ty is standing on a bar stool taking video --- history in the making, baby!

The guys saying, "We won THIS big!"

The scene after the victory. One person isn't that excited. Can you tell who? It's the same person that doesn't really like our practice of standing on bar stools to celebrate.

Our MVP Peyton and the Lombardi trophy

Obviously, we didn't take this shot, but it's one worth posting from the Colts lockeroom after the game.
Amos got a chance to go to the Superbowl Victory Parade downtown on Monday as well. So, we'll be posting some pics of that soon.


Andy Keller said...

Good way to watch the game! Looks like you had fun. Standing on stools is dangerous. ;)

the ellings said...

Wow! Did Landon make it through the whole game? We stayed home and put Piper down to bed before 7...so we could concentrate. It's such a serious game you know...