Sunday, January 28, 2007

Long time, my friends!

A pic of sweet LA sleeping on me after a long trip to Michigan for a Rob Bell conference. It was great! We attended with our new church, the Well, this past weekend.

Oh, LA...I will give you what ever you want!!

My Dad turned 50! Oh my goodness! We were in Valpo 2 weekends ago celebrating with Papa and Nana!

Had Uncle O over for dinner to catch up!

Grandma babysat LA while Mr. Blonde and I went out for a sushi dinner on my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Eric. It was a gift card from Christmas. It was great and LA was in good hands with his Grandma!


Ellings said...

it has been awhile, glad to see you're all doing well!

The Liller Family said...

Oh my gosh! Just when I think he can't get any cuter, he proves me wrong! We miss you guys, hope you're doing well.

Andy Keller said...

A lot going on for the haffners! Good to see things are going well. That first picture is AWESOME! Andy