Sunday, November 12, 2006

NYC Business Trip

Our first family "vaca" (well, not really). We had a great time making the best of a IndyCar business trip to the Big Apple. We saw all the fun tourist stuff.....Time Square, Statue of Liberty,
Radio City Music Hall, took the subway, Central Park and had fabulous sushi. Amos did work
at Grand Central Station each day. Landon was incredible....he didn't even cry on the plane...praise God! We are excited to be home, it was a couple days too long.
It was fun to be with Daddy while he was working. We would of missed him for 6 days!!


Anonymous said...

looks like you guys had fun in the big city. Now that you're back we have to get together soon!

The Liller Family said...

How fun! Next time tell me when you're going to NYC - my sister can get you awesome tickets to Broadway plays, the NY Phil, etc...