Monday, October 02, 2006

A Caps Tournament for the Ages

The best games of the weekend did not take place on any 100 yard fields, but rather 3 seven foot courses. To the Ostrich go the spoils. Thrice-time Champion. Also, looks like someone else won't ever be playing caps again. Ever.

Full writeup available here.


Anonymous said...

My God that is brutal!!!! You went face to face with the best...and nearly triumphed. Up 9-1 only to be pumphoused twice, and once for the match!!!!! This has to go down with Team USA defeating the Russians in Olympic hockey, only that was an upset. Still, if the Russians would have somehow scored in the final seconds, then this would have been like that. What pain, what agony! A family has been forever separated. Two brothers who may never again know each other. Somehow I picture a sobbing, defeated Amos still sitting next to his cup on the loft course rocking back and forth mumbling like Rainman..."So close, so close, so close, so far..."
For the sake of your newborn son and your wife, I only hope time can heal the massive hole this must have torn in your soul. May God be at your side my son. -Meunier

Emily said...

wow, is everyone o.k. over there?